8 Cities for Digital Nomads in the Post-Pandemic Era

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The Future of Remote Work

Gone are the days wherein one commits to a single location for optimized work. The dramatic evolution of technology has resulted in a significant pivot on business strategies and work setups, case in point the growing number of telecommuters worldwide. After all, there’s nothing quite like the experience of traveling the world and experiencing endless adventures — all while still being paid to work productively regardless of timezone.

While the digital nomad lifestyle may be an ultimate fantasy for many, moving to a new city is no easy feat. For the determined ones, we’ve rounded up the best cities for digital nomads to experience an exciting life of work and play.

Best Cities for Working Travelers

1. Canggu, Bali

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Check any travelling influencer or content creator’s Instagram page, and they probably have a picture-perfect spot in a Balinese backdrop. Steeped in natural beauty and culture, it’s easy to understand why Canggu constantly gets a top spot on most digital nomad’s bucket lists. The former surf town has blossomed with a hard-to-miss social scene strengthened by a thriving digital nomad community. There’s excellent internet coverage and plenty of co-working spots to choose from — whether it’s a picturesque cafe or a members-exclusive shared space you’re after.

A trip to the city’s vast array of beach houses and waterfalls will surely lure you into its laid back vibe, and if that’s not enough to seal the deal, maybe a year-long sunshine would.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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If you’re looking for a large, metropolitan city with an affordable cost of living, then your best bet is Buenos Aires. You’ll be met by a plethora of art and festivity, with a bounty of activities that attract the creative types. A digital nomad travel itinerary isn’t complete without a good quality coffee source, which is something this city is also well-known for. From iconic cafes to a new wave of artisanal coffee shops, expect nothing short of comfort as you accompany a day’s worth of work with the best-tasting brew in the continent. Oh, and in case you have nothing else to do with the copious amount of caffeine, there are lots of tango dancing involved here too!

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

There’s no better place for nomads searching for the world’s unique culinary offerings than Thailand. And while Bangkok remains to be a more coveted tourist destination, Chiang Mai takes the vote of most nomads looking for a relaxed rural vibe. The antidote to a lacklustre nightlife scene, there’s an incredible number of cultural attractions in the form of majestic temples, food markets, and fine-dining restaurants. There’s a ton of options for coworking spaces around the city too, and just in case you need an escape after a long week, the city has a bit of everything — from cliff jumping and zip lining through the city’s lush forests to simply shopping at a high-end mall and calling it a day.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

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Although not exactly the safest city globally based on history, Mexico City is setting itself up to be one of the most desirable digital nomad destinations with its hip culture, pleasant weather, and hospitable local community. You’ll never have to feel the need to cook here, as the city boasts some of the best, low-cost street food in the world. The digital nomad community is also flourishing here, so you’ll find no trouble meeting like-minded individuals to work and explore the city with. For its noteworthy museums, cosy cafes, and topnotch food and drinking hubs, Mexico deserves all the buzz.

5. Medellín, Colombia

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Over the last years, Medellin has prospered as a digital nomad hotspot, with the city putting heavy emphasis on improving its infrastructure and technology to attract more visitors. Outdoor lovers and hiking enthusiasts will surely find something to love at the city’s diverse landscapes, not to mention the pristine beaches that make for a rich and vibrant working spot. The digital nomad community is also welcoming, so it’s a walk in the park to settle in and do some networking. Art and architecture make Medellin an attractive candidate to emerging creatives; combine it with the city’s incredible selection of coffee, and you’ll hardly feel any working slump. 

6. Budapest, Hungary

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Another beautiful city that consistently tops most digital nomad travel lists is Budapest. For an excellent lifestyle that gives you access to reliable transportation, modern coworking spaces, and delightful cuisine, a day’s worth is surprisingly lower than most European countries. Take an afternoon and food crawl your way through a fantastic assortment of restaurants across the city — the vibrant mix of culinary culture will surely satisfy your hunger pangs. And after a tiring day spent at one of the city’s wide range of coworking hotspots, make sure to spend some time at the thermal baths; you won’t regret it one bit.

7. Krakow, Poland

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Krakow hasn’t gotten as much hype as it deserves for such a relaxed but underrated city for digital nomads; but things have been switching for the past years. Best known for its amazing food scene, affordable living costs, and rich history, this Polish gem continues to be a stellar destination for remote workers. There’s plenty of chic AirBnbs you can book in the area, with no shortage of Instagram-worthy interiors for choice. The city can also be as idyllic as it can get — giving you impeccable views of Medieval structures, towering churches, and a lively cafe scene to boost!

8. Tbilisi, Georgia

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Freelancers and location-independent workers looking for a lowkey and efficient city to live in can find a safe haven in Tbilisi, Georgia. Offering a digital nomad visa called Remotely from Georgia, the city provides the right collision of cultures and influence from neighbouring countries, so you’ll less likely feel like you’ve moved to a new place once here. Efficient systems for digital nomad communities are in place, which is a great deal if you’re an entrepreneur looking to establish a business venture abroad. There’s no shortage of breathtaking architecture as you stroll, and when you can drink some of the world’s best wine without the hefty price tag, it’s one place you can surely stick around.

Choosing the Right City for Your Lifestyle

Various factors come into play when picking the best cities for digital nomads. If it’s the adrenaline activities one’s after, there are plenty of places offering outdoor adventures of a lifetime. Sweeping views? Get to see the world’s breathtaking natural wonders. Craving for somewhere peaceful and quiet? There’s a place wherein the sunset seems to always hit right. Sometimes, reliable wifi and incredible food are the only things you need, and you’re already set for a laptop lifestyle. After all, the great thing about being a digital nomad is the freedom to explore and live, whichever destination your dreams take you.

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