9 Amazing Homes You Can Rent Around the World

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For modern-day nomads who travel the world while making a living through technological tools, a permanent home might be a strange concept. After all, they’re known for notoriously moving from one place to another, often changing their home bases as often as they feel the need to hit the road again. Stability might not be in the equation, but the beauty about the freedom of practicing a digital nomad lifestyle is the endless possibility that comes with it. And yes, that rings true even with the chosen houses of digital nomads in the cities they go to. With a plethora of cool options for housing rentals all around the world, there’s no stopping a digital nomad for a great staycation experience.

From a villa with panoramic ocean views to a zero-waste house that lets you bathe in the sea, here are the best digital nomad rentals that look nothing short of amazing.

Hector Cave House, Santorini 

Source — Airbnb

Set in breathtaking Santorini, digital nomads will have a tough time leaving the Hector Cave House, hailed as one of the most wish-listed rentals in tech giant Airbnb. Known for its love-laden reputation, nomads who travel with their significant others will surely have a grand time at the lavish holiday house. Set in Caldera cliff, the former wine cellar has been repurposed to a dream rental with a single bedroom, mini swimming pool, and glistening terrace where you can chill and enjoy great wine.

Balian Treehouse, Bali

Source — Airbnb

Location-independent workers consider Bali as one of the top-notch cities for nomad communities and accommodation, so imagine the joy of finding a charming treehouse nestled near the beach here. The digital nomad life doesn’t get any better than this: lounging around the lagoon-shaped swimming pool between hectic work hours and enjoying a quiet reading time off within a lush garden during the weekends. If you’re in the mood for some fun, Bali has one of the most vibrant nightlife and digital communities to connect with, too! Check out the treehouse availability here. 

Casa Caracol Seashell House, Mexico

Source — Casa Caracol website

For an out-of-this-world seaside experience, check out Casa Caracol, a seashell-inspired house situated in Mexico! Relying on its seaside motif and fun interior details, guests can revel in the stunning sight of the Caribbean or enjoy a relaxing downtime at any of the amenities, which includes a private pool and a king-size bed that offers maximum comfort.

Secluded Intown Treehouse, Georgia

Source — Airbnb

Digital nomads who thrive working in intimate, wifi-connected places can find tranquillity at the Secluded Intown Treehouse at Georgia, a popular rental home featured by the likes of Architectural Digest and Harpers Bazaar. If a dreamy escape to a far-flung destination with a limited crowd is your kind of productivity motivation, this abode is nothing short of spectacular. It’s worth mentioning that the house is situated in a residential neighbourhood, too, putting security at the least of your concerns.

The Castle Snug, Edinburgh

Source — Tripadvisor

Nomads who opt to stay in Scotland should surely spend a night or two at The Castle Snug, one of Edinburgh’s classiest rental accommodations. Built-in the 17th century, creative guests would love the historical background behind the rental home: the apartment was originally owned by Scottish writer James Boswell, best known for his biography of Dr Samuel Johnson, whom he hosted in the same home itself! Best for artists and creative nomads who need a jolt of inspiration for their work, the overall vibe and amusing interiors would surely put you out of a creative rut.

Whiskey Hill Home, Colorado

Source — Airbnb

The Whiskey Hill Home perched near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado takes the vote as one of the most sought-after outdoor rental homes for digital nomads. Every adventurous nomad should put this on their bucket list, and for a good reason: you won’t run out of outdoor adventures to try throughout your stay. Whether it’s hiking or skiing that you’re after or a serene golf session at the Eagle-Vail Golf Club situated half-a-mile from your front door, the land is all yours to explore! Oh, and before we forget, you can go fishing at the Eagle River nearby too!

Overview Suite, Cape Town

Source — Airbnb

Immerse yourself in a stunning work setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain by staying at Cape Town-based Overview Suite. The outdoor braai area is an ideal setting to bond with fellow digital nomads as you lounge at the extensive pool area or host a fun barbecue day to celebrate and indulge work victories. All three bedrooms have their own respective bathrooms and views as well, as the famed rental spot leaves no room for anything short of jaw-dropping.

La Selva, Florence

Source — Airbnb

Nomads searching for a farmhouse that perfectly blends cosiness with warmth can find serenity at La Selva, a charming rental house nestled in Chianti Hills, Florence. Best for group gatherings, a nomad can share a co-living responsibility with like-minded individuals who want a perfect spot for modernity and nostalgia. Enjoy a memorable movie night at the amphitheatre and gather everyone around for pizza and pool night. If you ask us, it doesn’t get any better for an Italian holiday than spending it here!

Nolla Cabin, Helsinki

Source — Airbnb

Aiming to find a digital nomad rental wherein you can connect more with nature? There’s an undisputable soothing feeling while staying at Nolla Cabin, a wooden home designed by Finnish designer Robin Flack to operate on zero-waste, meaning you’re restricted to bring packaged food or cosmetics. Nomads looking to reduce their environmental footprint will surely see the allure in the modern masterpiece. However, it’s fair to note that there isn’t any running water here for starters, so you’ll most likely bathe in the sea! A bonus is you know you’re getting your money’s worth and more: proceeds of the rental payments go directly to The Ocean Cleanup, a group that puts an effort into eradicating plastic from the ocean.

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