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If you find yourself yearning to travel the world but feel restrained by the usual physical workspaces, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s a growing trend of remote workers globally as more and more people are looking into the advantages of the digital nomad lifestyle. Aside from the endless travel opportunities and a welcoming digital nomad community to boost, there’s no denying that being a digital nomad has a high likelihood of being a lucrative pursuit. Thus, the prediction that approximately 1 billion people will be in a digital nomad job by 2035 comes as no surprise.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best career options for aspiring digital nomads in 2021, categorised in specific niches.


Travel blogger

Being a digital nomad expands your knowledge of the various cultures and traditions around the world, which gives you a fundamental advantage in the art of storytelling. Travel blogging is a popular venture for nomads who aim to document their journeys, sharing stories about the people they meet and places that impact them the most. There are various methods wherein travel bloggers monetise their platforms, some of which are: Affiliate Marketing, Brand Campaigns, and Guest Posts, which let you work with other brands and partner websites; and selling your own products and services if you prefer adding internal value to your own blog site.


Vlogging, a shortened term for video blogging, is another in-demand and profitable career for digital nomads. It’s no secret that many content creators nowadays make large money out of solely creating videos on YouTube. Still, before acquiring a hefty paycheck, it takes tremendous patience and hard work to build a high-grossing channel. As a digital nomad, there are several niches that you can focus on when creating video content, ranging from informative how-tos to travel documentation. Like blogging, a vlogger can monetise videos through different methods such as Sponsorships, YouTube Ads, and selling merchandise.

Graphic Designer

Getting into graphic design is one of the most sought-after careers for remote workers. After all, in an age wherein visuals are at the forefront of customer retention, most business owners and companies bank on good graphics to sell their products and services. Whether it’s for logo design or commissioned illustrations, there is no shortage of design opportunities for artists in the digital nomad sphere.

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Social Media Manager

Since the advent of social media started, an uptick in demand for a specific marketing niche has emerged. Social Media Management doesn’t just refer to handling a brand’s social media account but also the overall creation and oversight of content marketing campaigns to targeted audiences. Being a Social Media Manager encompasses several responsibilities: from building awareness by creating high-impact content to utilising SEO and managing online communities. If you’re a digital nomad who likes a constant challenge, the role is a perfect fit as it is ever-growing alongside the evolving social media landscape.

SEO Specialist

In a digital world, wherein everyone is vying for the top spot in search engine rankings, experienced SEO specialists are essential. They help optimise websites and create content specifically for high search engine rankings. Excellent knowledge in Keyword Researching, Google Analytics, and Backlinks is needed to be effective in the role. It’s important to note that algorithms are constantly changing, so SEO specialists should always look out for trends to stay competitive.

Digital Entrepreneur

The pandemic has underscored the necessity for businesses to adapt to the digital age, as seen on several entrepreneurial ventures that pivoted from brick and mortar to E-Commerce. It is best to look for technology-driven market opportunities as a digital nomad entrepreneur, whether it may be launching a revolutionary product or offering digital marketing services. Online Entrepreneurs also consider building a robust remote team that embodies flexibility and reliability despite the geographic constraints of running an online business venture.


Website/App Developer

If you’ve got a knack for building cool online pages through the magic of code, then being a developer is one of the highly sought-after and profitable digital nomad jobs out there. The field is open to a wide range of specialisations: WordPress and Shopify developers are of handy help to most E-Commerce sites, while knowing your way into Mobile App Development will easily land you a job at companies looking into launching their services through mobile applications.

UI/UX Designer

If you’re a creative who’s on the hunt for a specialised digital nomad career, then UI/UX Designing might be an alluring choice. UI pertains to User Interface, which is the aesthetic experience of a product or service, while UX is focused on User Experience, focusing on the end-users interaction with the software or hardware. One can opt to work exclusively for each of the two roles, but since both go hand-in-hand, most designers train themselves to be skilled in both.


Virtual Assistant

One of the most desired jobs for workers who want to achieve location independence is being a Virtual Assistant. The work has evolved from merely providing administrative support to specialised services, such as crafting marketing campaigns and preparing presentations for top-level executives and business owners. It goes without saying that strong organisation and analytical skills are needed for the role, all while maintaining credibility and responsiveness despite a digital nomad lifestyle’s flexibility.

Online Teaching

Language Teacher

For digital nomads with few years to no experience, one of the least intimidating gigs you can get on the market is being a Language teacher. There are a plethora of opportunities for native speakers of in-demand foreign languages such as English, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. A Bachelor’s Degree is mostly required, but certifications that you can take online give you a better chance of getting hired.

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Tips on landing yourself a digital nomad job

Find a specific niche to stay ahead of competitors and train yourself to be highly-skilled in it.

Kickstarting your dream of being a digital nomad can be quite overwhelming, given the market’s growing competition. It’s beneficial to find a specific niche to stay ahead of competitors and train yourself to be highly-skilled in it. There’s no shortage of demand for freelance opportunities in major sites like Upwork, Freelancer, among others. The acceleration of the digital age prompts brands and companies to adapt to remote work, so you can rest assured of steady income opportunities and a new set of digital nomad jobs emerging in the next few years.

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