Digital Nomad Gear: How to Prepare Like a Pro


So you’ve convinced yourself of the numerous advantages of transitioning to a location-independent venture. The digital nomad lifestyle might look like unlimited mimosas and chasing sunsets, but without the right digital nomad essentials, you’d find yourself wishing you’ve prepared enough for some hardcore packing. Luckily, the booming nomad industry paved the way for brands that cater specifically to workers looking for quality items they can bring with them anywhere — from the most pristine beaches to the mountainsides.

From technological tools to the right insurance, here’s a quick low-down on everything you need to know to equip yourself with the ultimate digital nomad gear for 2021. 


At the top of our list, there’s no avoiding the fact that laptops are crucial in a digital nomad lifestyle, and the quality of your travel laptop can be a make-or-break dilemma. Ensure that you weigh heavily each software’s pros and cons based on your working requirements. There’s no scarcity of models in the market, from budget-friendly choices to heavy-duty laptops that give you state-of-the-art processors. You might also take into consideration buying a portable laptop stand that lets you adjust your laptop height to avoid hunched posture and muscle strain, things you want to avoid if you’re constantly on the road travelling.

Battery Pack

The digital nomad lifestyle will leave you travelling on hours end, so it’s imperative to invest in a reliable battery pack to keep your gadgets working even on the road. Look for a portable battery pack that is compatible with most of your gadgets and one that can last you for long hours, so you don’t worry about missing deadlines or getting out of touch when there’s an important call from work.


There’s little to no point in travelling without including a camera on your nomad packing list, so make sure to document some of the most beautiful moments of your life through a high-resolution camera. Nowadays, various smartphones are equipped to produce images of great colours and nearly professional photos. However, if you still like it old-school, there are tons of good camera deals in the market too! For nomads who like to keep it simple and lightweight, a mirrorless camera is a great way to go!

Wireless Earbuds

Digital nomads require many meetings and travel, so need we say that wireless earbuds are life-savers? Whether you’re boarding a plane with snoring seatmates or taking the time to focus on a co-working space, travel earphones are one thing you shouldn’t opt out of your tech gear. Wireless earbuds are the latest craze in creating a soundproof experience that lets you get the work done in your nomad bubble.

International WiFi Hotspot

Save yourself from the worries of losing internet connection with a mobile hotspot that works with numerous countries worldwide. With an international WiFi hotspot that connects you to local carrier data as you travel from one country to another, you won’t have to think about local sim cards and unstable internet connection anymore. Hello, unlimited internet access from anywhere in the world!

Non-Tech Essentials


A digital nomad backpack is an essential accessory carried by most nomads every day, housing necessary tools and supplies from simply spending a workday in the city and going to far-flung areas for adventure. Look for amazing storage solutions, security features, and a streamlined look to suit your digital nomad vibe. Some bags even transform into carry-ons, which is extremely helpful whenever you need your bag on a long flight.

Desk Lamp

Being a digital nomad can take you to places wherein there are seasons that you won’t even see sunlight, so having a desk lamp can be one way to adjust. A portable desk lamp might be something you’d like to add to your travel essentials for extensive lighting coverage. Make sure you get one that protects your eyes from strain as well!


While you’ll most likely rely on your phone and laptop for managing most of your work, traditional creatives rely on a quality notebook for scribbling down new ideas, as well as jotting down travel stories! Loading up your digital nomad gear with a sleek but functional notebook is key. You never know when million-dollar ideas can come up!

Personal Essentials

Toiletry Bag

Holding an organized place for all your toiletry essentials is a must, so scour for a toiletry bag that is space-saving but provides great storage space that makes it easy to access all your personal items.

First Aid Kit

Accidents and minor health inconveniences do happen. Since digital nomads live far from their hometown, it’s important to stock on a first-aid kit to prepare oneself from minor injuries to serious ailments. 

Travel Insurance

Again, a life of constantly travelling and embarking on adventures exposes digital nomads to certain risks of unexpected illnesses, so choosing the right travel insurance can safeguard you from unnecessary costs! There are numerous types of travel insurance that a digital nomad can get before even starting with travel, with a wide range of options tailored depending on lifestyle.

Other Things to Consider 

While a digital nomad lifestyle disconnects one from the usual limitations of desk life, there’s also a flip side regarding security. Moving from one place to another can constantly subject a nomad to pickpockets, so it’s essential to be mindful of one’s valuables while on the road. Keeping it minimal when it comes to putting up a digital nomad gear is key — aside from investing in multi-functional and safe-saving items, make sure to stock yourself up with high-quality essentials that can last whatever seasonality or landscape there is. Trust us; it’ll make all the difference.

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