The Best Beach Destinations To Live & Work From


A shady shack, a glass of orange juice in hand, and a stunning view of aquamarine waters — this image might not be something you usually relate to a workspace concept, not until the advent of digital nomad communities came along. There’s no need to file for vacation leave to treat yourself to a day out under the sun, at least not if you’re part of a growing community of remote workers basking in the pleasure of a holiday environment.

If riding the waves after beating deadlines is the kind of lifestyle you find yourself enjoying, read on for our guide on today’s best digital nomad beach destinations.

Batu feringgi | Penang” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Adib Wahab Photoghraphy

Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia

Just a quick venture from UNESCO-recognized Georgetown, and you’ll arrive at the island of Batu Ferringhi. The sandy beach offers freshly caught seafood and local produce grown and harvested on the island itself; so you get only the finest food offerings to jumpstart your workday. When you’ve had your fill of meetings and brainstorming sessions, enjoy the plethora of activities that range from jet-skiing to parasailing. At night, pay a visit to their food market, which is widely popular for food connoisseurs and retail shoppers!

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Beach bums might have heard of the Full Moon party celebrated at Koh Phangan, but aside from the world-renowned event, the island also takes pride in being a central hub for yoga and meditation. There’s such a thing as travelling burnout amongst nomad communities, so if you find yourself needing relaxation or more energy, you can be rest assured that you’ll find it. A close-knit digital nomad community awaits you here, taking the weight off familiarization of the island’s traditions and whatnots. Vegan culture is also dominant in the area, which is a cherry-on-top if you’re keen on transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Mazunte, The Oaxacan Coast, Mexico

Beautifully nestled along the Oaxacan coastline is the charming beach of Mazunte, one that is almost divided into two. The first part caters to the economic side of the island, featuring a wide array of restaurants, bars, and cabanas where you can enjoy good food with the company of fellow nomads. The other half is an expansive area for solitude-seekers, highly recommended for remote workers engaging in deep work and wanting to veer away from the crowds.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa regularly appears on the lists of best tropical places that offer a surfing playground and vibrant co-working spaces. There are two offices of Selina (an organization offering co-working places for ex-pats and business-savvy nomads) in the area, so it’s easier to find a reliable spot if you’re facing the turquoise waters and running out of efficient internet speed. The digital nomad paradise is also known for its fierce commitment to eco-friendly practices that uphold a high-level guest experience. Because of this, there’s high regard to keep the environment clean at all times, not to mention the organic menus available in most restaurants.

Saharun Beach, Zadar, Croatia

Hailed as the best European destination in 2016 beating the likes of Paris and Athens, Zadar cemented its spot as one of the must-visit destinations on the list for nomad living. And with an impressive reputation of crystalline coves, it’s not so hard to see why it’s unmissable. The Saharun Beach is one of the island’s well-loved attractions, boasting white sand and palm tree shade that’s ideal for a tranquil nomad spot. There’s also a popular co-working space near the beach, and the internet speed is near-perfect in most areas.

Taghazout, Morocco

Another dreamy contender on the best digital nomad spots is the small surfing town of Taghazout in Morocco — where natural attractions meet the city’s overall cool vibe. The magnificent ocean views will inspire you to sign up immediately for the yoga and meditation classes, which are typically taught in an open-air setting. If the going gets tough at work, there’s an abundance of opportunity to bond with fellow nomads over surfing or even through wellness activities that include reiki sessions and massage treatments. The cost of living is known to be inexpensive, and it won’t cost you a lot to spend on a hearty meal combining the city’s best: Mediterranean and European fare.

Florianopolis, Brazil

Over recent years, Florianopolis has been justifiably famous for beach-going nomads. A trip to the peninsula on the Southeast coast of Brazil will give you dramatic views of 40 outstandingly beautiful beaches, excluding the small islands nearby. Don’t miss out on seafood fresh off the local fishers’ boat, which lets you in on the city’s unique culinary scene! There are also various options to meet with other creatives and entrepreneurs: think of shared workspaces, cute coffee shops, and a buzzing nightlife scene!

Hawaii, United States

For professional nomads who can afford a hefty cost, there’s no better hideaway than the islands of Hawaii. Offering a respite from the rest of the world’s worries, who wouldn’t want a week-long stay (or forever, again, if your bank account allows) at the postcard example of paradise in the US? Even when you’re closing deals or conceptualizing your next entrepreneurial venture, there’s no doubt you’ll find amazing inspiration from the island’s breathtaking lineup of waterfalls, mountain ranges, and beaches.

One Final Tip!

Before you go giddy with the idea of working at any of your dream digital nomad beach destinations, it’s imperative to stay productive even in paradise, so keep in mind to pack your bags with the suitable nomad gears. Since the beach is often hailed for its opportunity to disconnect, bringing your work along can be a tough call at times. Don’t fret; as long as you’ve got yourself the essentials, working will be as breezy as the oasis you’re in.

In case you’re not too keen on the sand, click here for a round-up of our favourite cities to live in this year.

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